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Lower Heyford & Caulcott

Parish Council 


The Parish Council seeks to look after the interests of the community of Lower Heyford and Caulcott. It deals with the District and County Councils on local issues such as highways, traffic, housing, rights of way and street lighting and it is consulted on all local planning matters.


Parish Councils are part of the local government system and work closely with District and County Councils to help ensure that the services in the village are maintained and developed. Representatives from the District and County Council often attend Parish Council meetings.


Parish Council meetings are usually held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7.00pm in the King George’s Field Community and Sports Centre, Mill Lane in Lower Heyford. There is no meeting held in August or December. The meetings in February, April, June, and October are put in the diary at the beginning of the year but are cancelled unless there is urgent business to be considered.


All villagers are very welcome to attend. The agenda is posted on the website and village notice boards at least three days before the meeting and will confirm the date of the next meeting.


If you wish to receive minutes and agendas by e-mail please send an e-mail to the Parish Clerk at: with a note of your name and address and she will send these to you as soon as they are prepared. The minutes of all meetings are posted on the notice boards and also here on the website.


The Parish Clerk (01869 347000) is the main contact for the PC within the village so please feel free to contact her or send her an e-mail at with any problems/questions you may have that you feel the Parish Council could help you with.


The following people are Parish Councillors and are subject to election every four years. Their details are on the notice boards so please do not hesitate to contact any of them if you have any matters that you feel should be brought to the attention of the Parish Council.


List of Councillors

List of Councillors

Chris Cox

I am a retired computer science lecturer and now work part-time with a local company involved with data analysis and software development.


I have lived in Lower Heyford since 2002 and I am married to Elaine Cox, a writer and academic with keen environmental interests. 


We live at The Old Steam Mill, Station Road.  


I also coordinate the village allotments and I look after the village website.


Lower Heyford and Caulcott

Ric Fowles


I moved to Lower Heyford in 2018 with my wife, Rachel, and our two young daughters, Abby and Isla, both of whom attend Heyford Park Free School.  I joined the Parish Council to represent perspectives of younger families and to assist in the organisation of events and schemes that foster a strong community spirit.  I assumed the role of LHPC Chair in September 2020

Rachel works as a director of an events management company and I am a serving member of the Armed Forces.  While the children like to dance, Rachel and I enjoy football and skiing. 

Address:  Mill Lane Cottage, Mill Lane, Lower Heyford,

OX25 5PG


Phone: 07799146882

Sarah Varney

My name is Sarah Varney . I have lived in Caulcott for 41 years I am married with 2 children I have 4 grandchildren. I work at M&S Cherwell valley.I am a keen gardener and like knitting.




Stuart Fox.jpg

Stu Fox

I am a Paramedic with South Central Ambulance Service, married to Beccy, and have two young daughters, Phoebe and Blossom. We  have been in the village since 2018. 


I have an interest in promoting the values of rural life and wish to act as another voice for younger families within the parish. 



Parish Clerk

Cathy Fleet

Parish Clerk

I am Clerk to the parish of Lower Heyford and 5 other villages in the immediate area. I have 14 years experience as Parish Clerk and have gained the recognised qualification in Local Council Administration (CILCA). Prior to being a parish clerk, I spent many years in secretarial and PA roles. My main function is to provide advice and support to councillors and to act as Responsible Financial Officer for the council and to be the first point of contact for parishioners.

When I am not clerking, I embrace all aspects of country life from growing veggies and keeping chickens to bellringing and various crafts, and I also have a dog and 8 grandchildren which keep me busy!

I live in a nearby village  and can be contacted by email or by phone on  07989 398 838

Lower Heyford and Caulcott
Urgent Public Notices
Documents for download

Documents available for download

Parish Plan Survey Results 

Parish Council Bulletins

LHPC Update Bulletin June 2021

LHPC Update Bulletin December 2020

Parish Council Policy and Procedure Documents

LHPC Complaints procedure 2014
LHPC Financial Regulations updated September 2014
LHPC Freedom of Information
LHPC STANDING ORDERS updated September 2014

Finance 2023

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2023

External Auditor Report 2023

Notice of Public Rights

Accounting Statement for 2022-23

Annual Governance Statement 2022-23

Annual Internal Audit Report 2022-23

LHPC Bank Reconciliation 31.03.23


Finance 2022

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2022

External Audit Report 2022

Notice of Public Rights

Accounting Statement for 2021-22

Annual Governance Statement 2021-22

Annual Internal Audit Report 2021-22

Finance 2021

LHPC Notice of conclusion of Audit 2021

LHPC External Audit Report

LHPC Accounts 2020-21

Annual Governance Statement 2021

Accounting statement 2021

Finance 2019-2020

LHPC Accounting Statement March 2020 (2)
LHPC Annual Governance Statement March 2020 (1)
LHPC Year End Accounts March 2020
Notice of public rights and publication of unaudited annual governance and accountability return 2020

Finance 2018-2019

LHPC Accounts 2018-19 – Receipts

LHPC Accounts 2018-19 – Payments
LHPC Accounts 2018-19 – Reconciliation
LHPC Accounts 2018-19 – Assets
Annual Governance Statement and Accounting Statement June 2019 (1)
Notice of conclusion of audit and auditor’s certificate Sept 2019

Finance 2017-2018

LHPC Accounts 2017-18 – Receipts
LHPC Accounts 2017-18 – Payments
LHPC Accounts 2017-18 – Interest
LHPC Accounts 2017-18 – Reconciliation
LHPC Accounts 2017-18 – Budget v Spending
LHPC Governance Statement 2018
LHPC Internal audit report 2018
LHPC Accounting Statement 2017-18
LHPC Annual Governance Statement 2017-18
LHPC External Audit Report 2017-18
LHPC Internal Audit Report 2017-18
LHPC Notice-of-Conclusion-of-Audit 2017-18

Planning Applications


Agendas of future meetings

Agenda April 2024

Agenda March 2024

Agenda February 2024

Agenda January 2024

Agenda November 2023

Agenda September (moved to October) 2023

Agenda July 2023

Agenda May 2023

Agenda Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 2023

Agenda Annual Parish meeting 

Agenda March 2023

Agenda January 2023

Agenda November 2022

Agenda September 2022

Agenda July 2022

Agenda Annual meeting of the Parish Council 2022

Agenda Annual Parish meeting 2022

Agenda May 2022

Agenda March 2022

Agenda January 2022

Agenda November 2021

Agenda September 2021

Agenda July 2021

Agenda January 2021

Agenda October 2020 – postponed

Minutes of previous meetings

2024 February approved 

2024 January approved 

2023 November draft

2023 October 

2023 July

2023 May

2023  May Annual meeting of the Parish Council 

2023 May Annual Parish meeting

2023 March

2023 January 

2022 November  

2022 September 

2022 July amended

2022 May Annual Parish meeting

2022  May Annual meeting of the Parish Council 

2022 May 

2022 March

2022 January  

2021 November 

2021 September 

2021 July

2021 May

2021 May - Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

2021 May - Annual Parish Meeting

2021 March

2021 January


2020 September
2020 July
2020 May
2020 March
2020 January

2019 November
2019 September
2019 July
2019 June
2019 May
2019 May – Annual Parish Meeting – draft
May 2019 – Annual Parish Council Meeting – draft
2019 March
2019 January

2018 November
2018 October
2018 September
2018 July
2018 June – Annual Parish Council Meeting
2018 June
2018 May – Annual Parish Meeting
2018 May
2018 April
2018 March,  

2018 March – extra meeting
2018 February
2018 January

2017 November
2017 October
2017 September
2017 August
2017 June
2017 May
2017 April
2017 February
2017 January

2016 November
2016 October
2016 September
2016 July
2016 June
2016 May – Annual Parish Meeting
2016 May
2016 May – Annual Parish Council Meeting
2016 April
2016 March
2016 February
2016 January

2015 November
2015 October
2015 September
2015 July
2015 June
2015 May
Annual Parish Meeting May 2015 Minutes
2015 April
2015 March
2015 February
2015 January

2014 November
2014 October draft
2014 September
2014 July
2014 June
2014 April
Annual Parish Meeting – April 2014
2014 March
2014 February
2014 January

2013 November
2013 October

2013 September
2013 July
2013 June
2013 May
2013 April
Annual Parish Meeting – April 2013 (draft)
2013 March
2013 January

2012 November
2012 September
Annual Parish Meeting – May 2012
2012 March
2012 January

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