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Recycling & Environment

Refuse collections

The usual day for collections in the villages is Wednesday, though there are obviously changes to this during Christmas and Easter holiday periods. There are four colours of bin – silver for food wastegreen for regular domestic waste, brown for garden compostables, blue for recyclable paper and plastics. The silver bin is collected weekly, the others fortnightly. The green bins are collected one week, and the other two on the alternating week. Schedules are available – or simply look out of your window to work out which week it is!

NB There is NO glass collection. Glass should be placed in the bottle banks listed below.

Recycling facilities

Recycling facilities (incl glass) are provided in the Boat Yard. Further bins are available in the layby in Caulcott. There are more extensive recycling options at the Ardley ‘tip’.

Articles that you no longer want, but have a useful life left in them, can always be offered through one of the ‘Freecycle’ style sites that cover the area:

Oxford Freecycle
Banbury Freecycle
Bicester Freecycle
Cherwell Valley Freecycle
Cherwell Valley Freegle

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Trash Pick-Up
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